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Check out our new Waste Wizard search tool to find out, What Goes Where?

The Waste Wizard is a comprehensive search tool for residents of Chelan and Douglas counties. Search for anything you’re looking to recycle, donate, or properly get rid of, like household hazardous waste. Get ideas for reuse, or advice on composting in the greater Wenatchee valley.

The Waste Wizard was created by Sustainable NCW staff and volunteers in early 2022 with funding coming 100% from generous local donors, especially through the Community Foundation of NCW’s GiveNCW campaign in fall 2021.

Try out our wizard to help you know where opportunities are in our county. You can support this ongoing resource, by becoming a member of Sustainable NCW for just $35 / year.

What Goes Where?

City of Chelan Recycling Program

The City of Chelan has chosen to implement an every other week commingled recycling program, a popular method used in the majority of programs across the state. All accepted materials are placed together unsorted in a 95 gallon tote, taken to the curb, and collected every other week. The City will recover the costs of their recycling program with amounts already included in their garbage collection rate, along with the savings from closing the recycling center.

Zippy Disposal Service’s Recycling Program

For Lake Chelan area county residents living outside of the City of Chelan, Zippy Disposal will be implementing a similar every other week commingled recycling program. All material must be clean and prepared according to instructions. Customers who subscribe will receive a 95 gallon tote with a blue lid to use. A monthly fee is required for the service for this service. Minimum monthly garbage service is required. There is a removal/cleaning fee charged when service is cancelled.

How will I know if I’m putting the right items in my recycle tote?

When in doubt, leave it out! Now more than ever, accepted materials need to be
properly prepared according to instructions (written directly on lid of tote) before placing in the tote.


Did you know…

One tote of contaminated material can cause an entire bale to be rejected by the
material recovery facility forcing it to be sent to the landfill.


So, we will not be able to collect your tote if it contains contaminants or materials that are not
properly prepared. If this happens, a note will be left as to what needs to be corrected.
All materials that contained liquids need to be empty and rinsed out.

911 Glass Rescue

A Community Service of the Rotary Club of Lake Chelan

The mission of 911 Glass Rescue is to “rescue” used glass from the landfill, thus also saving local landfills from early demise. Each year Americans dispose of 9-11 million tons of glass, mostly as trash, despite the fact that glass is easily recycled and repurposed into useful new products. Our operation “saves” both glass and landfill.

Visit their website to learn more

Bring your relatively-clean glass bottles, jars and ceramics to the City of Chelan Recycle Center


Saturdays – Check website for hrs.
23235 Highway 97A (Across from Walmart)

Glass is easily

recycled & repurposed

Styrofoam Recycling at Dolco Packaging

Here is a video done for our local representatives to help inform them of what we do here at Dolco Wenatchee. It highlights how our process differs from some of our competitors in the overall lifecycle of the product and to some extent the steps we are making to improve our impact on the overall community.
Dolco takes all the recycling to the Agilyx Company in Oregon.

DolcoV5 from Digital Media Northwest on Vimeo.

Dolco Packaging
1121 S. Columbia Street, Wenatchee
The bin is on Ferry.

Deep Water Home & Electronics
Thank you for partnering with us to make our community a cleaner, greener place!

Deep Water Home & Electronics
131 E Woodin Ave., Chelan
Open Tuesday – Saturday:
Visit our website to learn more



E-cycling at Deep Water Home & Electronics

We are excited to partner with Living Green Technology to recycle your unwanted electronics!

Customers may drop off Small Electronics (cell phones, cameras, handheld devices, laptops, etc.), Batteries (Rechargeable Only), Printer ink and toner cartridges, and all cables and connectors at our store any time during business hours.

Large items (computer towers, monitors, printers, audio/video equipment, etc.) We are accepting most large items, but please contact us first for approval and to coordinate a drop-off.

TVs (of any size or type) We do not accept TVs at this time, but can be taken to Goodwill in Wenatchee any time as they are an E-Cycle Washington partner.

We do have a limited capacity and may have to suspend collection if we reach capacity. Occasionally we will have events to provide a public drop-off to allow bulk recycling. Check back here or our social media pages for the most up-to-date information.

Household Hazardous Wastes

Disposal of household hazardous waste at the Chelan County Moderate Risk Waste Facility is available to any resident of Chelan County. The facility accepts only residential household hazardous waste; no business waste is accepted. Remember these guidelines BEFORE you make a trip to the MRWF:

  • Don’t mix products.
  • Keep products in original containers when possible. Label products not in original containers.
  • Secure products so they don’t tip over or leak.
  • Containers should be nonleaking and of 5 gallons or less in size.
  • Transport similar products upright in cardboard boxes for safe, easy unloading.

When you ARRIVE at the MRWF:

  • Pull forward under the canopy.
  • Have your ID ready, showing you are a Chelan County resident.
  • Stay in your vehicle during unloading.

Business Hazardous Waste Disposal Application

Chelan County Moderate Risk Waste Facility
Location: 3612 Highway 97A, Wenatchee
Phone: 509-888-1195
Hours: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday through Saturday (closed on holidays)

Fee: The facility is free to Chelan County residents. A $10 donation is suggested.

Fluorescent Bulb Recycling

Bring your bulbs to Lake Chelan Lighting, 917 E Woodin Ave. (509-687-6101)

Habitat for Humanity Shop

A 2nd hand store to benefit the Chelan Valley Habitat for Humanity.
518 E Woodin Ave, Chelan, WA 98816
(509) 682-7088
Hours Tuesday-Saturday

Chelan Station Re-Runs

A 2nd hand store to benefit the Chelan Senior Center,  located at Chelan Station in Chelan Falls on Highway 150.  From Chelan, on the left at the railroad tracks.

Local Contacts

  • Chelan County Garbage Station….682-5631
  • City of Chelan Garbage Collection….682-8011
  • Zippy Disposal – County Areas – Outside of City….682-5464
  • Entiat Area Trash Disposal….662-4591
  • Household Hazardous Waste Collection – Chemicals,
    paint, anti-freeze, household toxics, etc. Call Brenda….667-6415
  • KOZI, 2nd Cup of Coffee Program – sell used goods….682-4033
  • Chelan County Adopt a Highway Litter Clean Up….667-6415
  • State of Washington “Adopt A Highway”….667-2800

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